Employer feedback – what to expect

I recently starting rewatching my favourite noughties show “The Gilmore Girls” in preparation for the upcoming revival. There’s an episode  where young Rory Gilmore receives undeservedly  critical feedback from her boss at the end of her newspaper internship (he also happens to be her boyfriend’s dad). Watching this again, I remembered how angry  I got when … Continue reading Employer feedback – what to expect

Spoiled for choice! Dealing with multiple job offers

Some years ago, I got offered a postdoctoral research fellowship in a Department of Psychology. The position was interesting, clinical in nature and would involve country-wide travel examining stress and its causes in a particular occupation. It was to last two years. I happily accepted and then they told me: they had outgrown the two … Continue reading Spoiled for choice! Dealing with multiple job offers

5 reasons to join The Network

You might have heard about The Network.... "The Network is our exclusive online platform that brings together the collective voice of our alumni community to support current students to realise their career potential through networking, mentoring and the reinforcement of their Graduate Attributes." Got it?  No? Okay, let's cut to the point.  Here are 5 … Continue reading 5 reasons to join The Network