Resilience – We all need it!

  I’ve been thinking about resilience recently. It was my Uncle’s funeral last week.  The eulogy was thought-provoking. He’d been a student in Glasgow when World War 2 broke out.  From that moment, aged just 19, his whole future changed. He was thrust into combat and forced to take a different path.  He sailed  in … Continue reading Resilience – We all need it!


‘Hygge’ your career

Maybe it’s the number of bestselling books, magazine articles and radio programmes on the subject, or maybe it’s the sheer absence of it in our house at present (our boiler’s kaput)...for whatever reason, ‘hygge' has been on my mind recently. In fact, hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is so in vogue that it was short-listed for the … Continue reading ‘Hygge’ your career