Have I missed the boat for grad schemes?

So you’re just about to graduate and thinking about looking for jobs or perhaps you’ve already been applying but haven’t had any success? You’ve noticed that a lot of graduate programs are closed and wondering if you’ve missed the boat?


If you really want to do a graduate scheme, there are still some companies recruiting, check out the GlasgowCareers portal for the latest vacancies. We also have useful list of job searching resources on our website, a great place to start.

If you’ve found a scheme you’d love to apply for but it has closed. You could consider applying again when it reopens, if this is the case then you may want to consider what to do with your time in the year between graduating and the grad scheme beginning. A gap year, internships with an SME or temporary role are just some of the options you may consider.

Large graduate employers often have a lot of graduate roles to fill, this often means they start recruitment a year in advance and spend a lot of time on campus. This doesn’t mean that smaller organisations aren’t interested in your skills, knowledge and experience.

In fact, according to HESA, 35% of new grads were working at companies with less than 250 employees (SMEs) and 1 in 5 were working with organisations that have less than 50 employees. SMEs are more likely to recruit when there is a business need so positions can come up year round. Why not check out ScotGrad, Adopt an Intern and Step who all organise graduate internships with SMEs.

Not all jobs suitable for grads have the word “graduate” in the title. Consider your strengths, experience and knowledge and research the entry routes for the career area you are interested in. Prospects job profiles can be a good place to start your research.

Let people in your network know you are looking for work, if you are still on Facebook, it can be useful to let your network know what type of role you are seeking. Make sure you have an up to date profile on LinkedIn. Not only can you use LinkedIn for job searching but the LinkedIn newsfeed is a powerful tool to reach out and tell your contacts that you’ve graduated and where you hope to go next.

At a recent alumni event, Adam Smith Business School grad and successful entrepreneur Kian Golzari said “Seek mentors, find the person who is doing your dream company” he explained how that has helped him in his journey, our Alumni networking platform can help you to connect! Reach out and ask advice we even have a handy guide to help you get started!


If a company you are interested in doesn’t have a job opening, you could try the speculative approach, this handy video from Careers Manager Ann gives an overview of how to get started with speculative applications.


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