Myth-busting with the Internship Hub

lightbulbWe know from speaking with students that there can be some myths and pre-conceptions about the availability of opportunities in some sectors, or the degree disciplines and career aspirations catered to by the Careers Service.

At the Internship Hub, we work hard to support UofG students across all degree disciplines and try to reach out to sectors that are difficult to access to create internship opportunities.

Here are some common myths from UofG students relating to the availability of Internship Hub opportunities in the creative and cultural sector, with some facts and figures from us to address these.

Not interested in the cultural or creative sectors? This blog still contains some great lessons on thinking outside of the box in terms of where your degree can take you.

Myth 1:            

“Internship Hub employers aren’t looking to recruit Arts and Social Sciences students” 


Myth 2:            

“The Internship Hub only advertises business and tech roles – nothing in the creative and cultural sector”


Myth 3:

“If/when creative and cultural roles do come up, they’ll be so competitive that there’s no point in applying”


Myth 4:            

“Even though the job advert says it’s ‘open to all degrees’ – they probably still want someone studying something related to the role”


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