Feeling lucky?

There is a careers theory based around the concept of luck called “Planned Happenstance”. Planned Happenstance is where you throw some feelers out into the world of work and see what comes back to you. Planned Happenstance is not just luck or being in the right place at the right time. It is a conscious, purposeful, and on-going process that can help you create chances, conversations and opportunities for yourself.

Pure randomised luck (like winning the lottery) is impossible to predict but if you follow the Lucky Laws below you might just generate some good fortune of your own.

The Laws of Luck

Clarify your ideas

Be curious – identify what it is you are interested in, the people or organisations who appeal to you and make a list.

Remove the blocks

What’s stopping you? It’s natural to have self-doubt and think “I can’t do that because…” Stop that thought process right now – it will only hold you back! Instead think “How can I make this happen, what can I do…”

Expect the unexpected

Be prepared for chance opportunities such as unexpected phone calls, chance encounters, impromptu conversations and new experiences. When these happen try to make them as meaningful as possible for all concerned, but at the very least make sure you ask if you can connect on LinkedIn (and follow up) and follow them on their social media.

Take Action!

Learn, develop skills, reach out to people you admire, remain open and follow up on chance events. Open yourself up to potential by focussing your ideas, connecting with people and seeing what conversations arise. Try to convert those conversations into actualities.

The strengths and qualities that will make you successful in this type of approach:

  • curiosity
  • persistence
  • flexibility
  • optimism
  • risk-taking

People with these qualities are more likely to capitalise on chance events and turn possibilities into opportunities.

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