5 Jobs you can do with any degree!

Did you know Gerrard Butler studied law before getting into acting? Mick Cooke studied psychology before playing with iconic indie band Belle and Sebastian? and Olympic rower Dame Katherine Grainger studied an MPhil in Medical Law and Medical Ethics?

All these Glasgow grads ended up in careers that aren’t directly related to their degree! OK, so those examples all might have a little in common that they had a talent for Sport, Music or Acting however there are many examples of our graduates who studied one thing and ended up working somewhere else. For example, check out our interview with Isabelle, a pharmacology graduate who became a luxury handbag designer or our English lit grad Zoe who is a marketing manager at Pinterest! What you are studying now isn’t necessarily going to determine where you end up in your future and many of our grads end up in careers unrelated to their degree.

So if you are considering a career outside of your degree discipline, how do you get started and what can you actually apply for? Well the good news is many graduate recruiters in the UK accept applications from graduates from any degree discipline, they value a diverse work force and actively target graduates from non-related backgrounds. So the options really are wide open and when planning your career, you don’t have to start with ‘options with my degree’

Here are 5 examples of career areas that you can access with any degree discipline…

  1. Social Work

Although it is true that social work is a graduate profession, there are two notable ‘on the job’ graduate training routes;

The think ahead graduate scheme is a new route into social work for graduates who are interested in making a difference to people with mental health problems.

Frontline, is a 2 year leadership development programme to offer outstanding graduates an opportunity to train in social work via practice-based learning.

  1. Accountancy

Accounting is a huge area for graduate recruitment and starting your career in accounting could lead you to interesting places – did you know a fifth of the FTSE 100 CEOs are chartered accountants?*

It is a varied career and accountants are working in a wide range of organisations and sectors for example watch our video of our Business Management graduate Michael who qualified as an accountant and now works at BBC Studios green-lighting budgets for Strictly!


  1. NHS Management

You can apply to NHS Scotland or the NHS Graduate management scheme which has been running since 1956! It offers graduates the opportunity to apply for a range of leadership training programmes in areas such as General Management, Finance, HR, Health Analysis, Health Informatics and Policy and Strategy. You need to have 2:2 in any degree discipline to apply.

  1. Civil Servant

Do you want to help the government to implement their commitments and deliver high quality services to the public? Well the Civil Service Fast Stream is an accelerated leadership programme  that again accepts graduates from a range of degrees – they have many different ‘streams’ you can apply to including; project delivery, houses of parliament, diplomatic service and commercial.

  1. IT/Technology

With the 4th industrial revolution among us, technology is transforming industries and there is an increasing need for people with tech skills. If you have an interest in technology, there are graduate programmes to train you in this sector, if you want to find out more, check out Target Jobs IT&Technology 

 This is just the start! There are lots more opportunities in management, marketing, HR, consulting, finance and more! check out GlasgowCareers for the latest vacancies and to explore the options open to you!


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