The Internship Hub won’t limit you based on your degree subject, and you shouldn’t either!

Almost half of our roles last year were open to ‘any’ degree discipline, with many more open across a wide range of non-vocational courses in the College of Arts and Social Sciences in particular.

What’s more, at least 60% of graduate jobs advertised in the UK are open to ‘any’ degree discipline.

Given this, we want to encourage as many UofG students as possible to keep an open mind when it comes to thinking about applying for internships.

If you already receive our weekly email update (sign up here if you don’t!) you’ll know we outline which degree subjects and year groups each internship is open to up front. We encourage our employers to cast their net as wide as possible when it comes to considering candidates for their internship. Our employers want a diverse workforce of employees with a range of skills and experience. This means, if a role says it’s open to ‘any’ degree then it really is!

 Why should you think outside the box?

1. It will help you to explore your options, identify your strengths and figure out what you’ll enjoy doing long term

While an internship might not be in the specific industry related to your degree, or the area you’d like to work in, try to think about the transferable skills you would pick up in the role when reading through the job advert.

We try to open up internships to students from first year, so there could be multiple opportunities to start trying out different industries and types of roles while you study.

Hopefully, with each piece of work experience you undertake, you’ll get a little further forward with regards to making decisions about your future career.

2. Some industries are tough to access and building your experience in other sectors can help

We know a lot of our students would love to go on to work in sought after careers in media, scientific research and the NGO sector. Here at the Careers Service, we always encourage students to pursue their passions, however it’s also good to have options.

We actively try to source exclusive internships is these kinds of areas, and while it’s unlikely they would lead straight into a permanent role like internships do in other industries, they will give you the chance to start developing a professional network which is key to success.

Here’s a great example of a Business School graduate who became an accountant to help him work in Film and TV. He now works at the BBC and greenlights budgets for programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Blue Planet.

3. You’re more than your degree subject – university is all about developing a breadth of experience and a wide range of transferable skills

The majority of graduate roles being open to any degree discipline is clear evidence that many employers are just as interested in your transferable skills and strengths, as well as your technical and theoretical knowledge gained at university.

Take confidence in this, and spend some time thinking about what your strengths are. You can even come and see a Careers Manager for some coaching to explore this further.

With all these opportunities open to you, it might be difficult to know where to start. We recommend signing up for The Network – our online networking platform exclusively open to UofG students and graduates. Using The Network you can search and explore what previous graduates studying your degree have gone on to do – and we’re sure there’ll be more than a few surprises! If you do have a dream job in mind, you can also search for graduates working in that industry already and approach them for advice and insight.

4. There’s no telling where it might lead you!

In the Careers Service we love the term “planned happenstance” which is all about creating opportunities by taking action on your curiosity. This means you can actually create and generate career opportunities through taking chances.

Don’t believe us? One of the best ways to see this in action and gain inspiration is by tuning in to our Big Brave speaker series. This is a monthly event during term time which gives UofG students the opportunity to hear career stories from some of the most ambitious and accomplished people who have achieved success due to their bravery, passion and determination to make an impact.

Hopefully this gives you the encouragement you need to think outside the box when considering Internship Hub opportunities.

Good luck in your future applications!


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