Making your time as a student count. Final Year Students.

Its head down time for your dissertation and finals so this year is all about making applications and continuing to build on the good work you’ve already done. The Careers Service is here to help you manage the transition onto life after graduation.

Research the Opportunities and Make Decisions

Use the Careers Service and Prospects websites as starting points to research the opportunities. A Careers Adviser can help you think through your options and advise on applications.

Keep Developing that CV

  • It’s not too late to keep building up experiences or to use the Careers Service for the first time. Take any positions of responsibility that come your way, volunteer or launch a speculative job search on a particular area of work – all these will add value to your CV and the package that is you.

  • Use your dissertation as an opportunity. This is a self-driven piece of research and it is a chance for you to develop knowledge in a particular area that may be of interest to the employers you are targeting.

Use Us Shamelessly

Please do! We try to reach as many students as possible through group work and one-to-one. There are many opportunities to talk to employers, come to skills sessions and to speak to a Careers Adviser.

Engage with us on social media (@uofgcareers) to keep up to speed with everything that is happening. We run amazing sessions with employers and high profile individuals and there is often a limit on places. They go fast but are always put out on our social media so if you want to get those competitive places – follow us.

Press Send

Set time aside to apply for jobs or courses, have a targeted application and a generic one you can adapt where necessary.

If you are looking at a competitive industry like Media, start your speculative jobsearch by identifying the relevant employers, sending a targeted CV and using LinkedIn and Twitter to broaden your networks.

Final year is a busy, tiring, exciting and often emotional time as you come to the end of your undergraduate studies here. Just remember, as always, that the Careers Service is here to help you with the transition from student to fully fledged, tax-paying member of the workforce.

Till next time, Ann Duff (the Careers Adviser for Arts)

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