Making your time as a student count. First and second years.

Welcome (and welcome back to you experienced second years), to the University of Glasgow. We wanted to say hello, introduce ourselves and let you know that its never too early to connect with your Careers Service.

One of the most common questions we get asked by students (from all years) is, “How do I make myself stand out to employers?”, well that process starts right now…

Your time at University isn’t just about studying!  You might not believe it, but you have more free time as a student than at any other time in your life, and easy access to fantastic opportunities which can expand your horizons too.

Graduate recruiters aren’t only interested in what goes on inside lectures and tutorials – they also want to hear about the other experiences that university life has offered you: sport, student media, clubs, societies, volunteering, summer placements and part-time work.  These can often help you ‘stand out from the crowd’ when it comes to applying for jobs. The secret is to start from first year, building up skills and experience so that come graduation – YOU are the competition.

Build up as many experiences as you can, these will give you TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. Use the Careers Service if you feel ready to do so.

Some suggestions of things you can do are:

Get involved – join in!

  • Find out about Clubs and Societies and join up, try to be a leader not just a follower and take on positions of responsibility where you can. Look on the SRC website under “Clubs” for the full list of 180(ish)!
  • Volunteering, a chance to give something and get something back. Everything from  Supporting the Elderly to Classroom Support
  • Participate in staff/student liaison committees or become a Class Rep.
  • Find out about events being run in your College either by the College or the Careers Service and participate.

Get Experience

  • Part-time Jobs – get paid, gain skills. At this stage any job is an advantage e.g. in a shop you are developing Customer Service skills which a Graduate Scheme will also look for. Student friendly part-time jobs are advertised on our website under Vacancies.
  • Internships -the internship hub advertises part time internships during term time for all year groups, exclusive to UofG students sign up for their alerts to keep up to date
  • Get an insight – Some companies offer insight days open to 2nd (and sometimes 1st years) designed to give you an insight into the industry
  • Use the Summer Break to your advantage. Get an internship hub internship, travel, work and building experience are all things we can help you with.

Develop Your CV

Reflect on everything you’re doing – your subject of study, volunteering, clubs and work and identify the skills you are developing. Use our website to get started on putting your CV together and come to either a CV session or to get feedback from a Careers Adviser.

Be an Early Bird

Graduation can feel like a long way off but if you want to start engaging with the Careers Service to think about planning your career journey from now till graduation – please feel free. Connect with us on all the usual social media (@UofGCareers) – we love to see first and second years on there!

For now then, get busy and good luck. Till next time, Ann Duff (the Careers Adviser for Arts)

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