Work Experience for international postgraduate students

You’re currently studying for your master’s degree and on a tier 4 visa, you’d like to gain some UK work experience before returning home as you know that international experience will look great on your CV?

However, the internships you’ve found are mainly during summer, you can’t work full time during the summer and you’ve noticed that a lot internship positions are targeted towards penultimate year students (3rd year of an undergraduate degree)?

So what can you do to gain work experience before returning home?


Our internship hub places around 400 students per year, not all posts are open to Postgraduate students but several are. They advertise part time internships that you can do alongside your studies.

Why not sign up to the weekly internship alerts and keep up to date with new vacancies.

Off cycle internships

Off cycle internships are internships that take place outside of the normal internship cycle so you may find one that you can do between the time you finish your postgraduate degree programme and before your visa expires. These are more common in banking and finance.

There aren’t large numbers of them advertised but here are a few examples;



Employers regard good quality voluntary experience just as highly as experience from paid positions. Even more so in some cases – producing quality work in your spare time and for a good cause demonstrates your personality and passion, over and above the technical skills required. Our Internship Hub facilitates a wide range of voluntary internships with registered charities throughout the year, you will also find voluntary opportunities on Volunteer Scotland.


There are some organisations who offer short term internships with SMEs after you’ve finished your degree, these include Adopt an Intern and Step.


You might find suitable work experience via a temporary position within an organisation you are interested in, agency central has a list of agencies by geographical location and occupational areas of interests. Please note that you should never be asked to pay for using one of these agencies.


Finally, if there is particular company you would like to work for, taking the speculative approach could work, in this video, Careers Manager Ann explains how to approach a company on spec.


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