Intern Insight: Community outreach creates an enlightened future from the lessons of the past

Penultimate year English Literature and History student, Kirsty is enjoying gaining valuable experience with Northlight Heritage.

My internship experience at Northlight Heritage so far has been incredible. Right from the start I was treated like a member of the team and was encouraged to get involved in many different aspects of the project ‘Diggin In’. I have been allowed to gain experience in the way that school visits work at the site (reconstructed trenches in Pollok Park). After shadowing one tour, I have since been allowed to become active myself and take groups around the trenches and lead the activities. I was also given the opportunity to participate in an Open Day of the project, which taught me a lot about the way in which community outreach can be achieved. Moreover, it gave me an insight into the way in which sponsorship for history and cultural projects function.

The staff at Northlight Heritage have been very forthcoming and welcoming. A fun atmosphere of support and humour made me feel comfortable from the beginning, so that I could ask as many relevant questions as I wanted to. They made sure that I had the necessary guidance and preparation before I began anything new. For example, I shadowed a school trip before I led one myself, and was given all the necessary instructions so I could prepare properly.

POPPYSCOTLAND LAUNCHES MOST AMBITIOUS FUNDRAISING CHALLENGE YETI think one of the best parts of the internship is the amount of leeway I have been given to shape my own experience. By expressing an interest in other schemes that Northlight Heritage runs, I am now involved in another project they run called History Pin; even within this project I can propose my own ideas and research interests.

Overall, I could not have asked for a more engaging and inspiring internship, working with kind people who clearly want me to have the best possible internship experience.

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