Intern Insight: A medical history of Glasgow uncovered

Recent IH Intern and English Literature Graduate, Molly spent her final year interning with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and gained a valuable insight into the world of Archives.

Undertaking an internship at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow was an excellent opportunity, providing a fascinating insight into the esteemed medical history of Glasgow, and indeed, the impact that medical advances have had in the UK and beyond.

My role was to assist in the College’s Oral History Project in which I carried out the transcription of interviews hosted with world renowned physicians, surgeons and members of the College faculty- relating to their account of their experience working in a range of hospitals throughout Scotland. This internship was therefore the perfect opportunity to utilise my writing skills acquired during my undergraduate English degree whilst opening up insights into medical science. On a typical day, expect to be confident with independent research; accuracy is key with the spelling of medical terms and researching into the works of those interviewed. Patience, ability to pay attention to detail and an interest in medical history/ science is crucial to carrying out and, most importantly, enjoying this role.

Victoria Stewart   19 Glasgow Street, GLASGOW, G12 8JW 07770408170The role provided me with a valuable insight into the work of archivists and librarians who provide a crucial service to researchers and the general public alike. Expect to become involved in other tasks such as cataloguing in their archive- working with a range of medical books, journals and pamphlets and learning databases such as ALEPHS and ALMA to catalogue- enhancing both your computer skills and ability to complete deadlines.

All of these tasks are mentally stimulating as much as they are fascinating – from Dr. Joseph Lister (the father of modern antiseptics) papers to the medical instruments of Dr David Livingstone- you never quite know what you will come across!

The work that you do here will have a direct impact increasing accessibility to a rich variety of collections for years to come.

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