Develop your global mindset


International employers consistently tell us that they value graduates who have global awareness, particularly those who can demonstrate that they took the initiative to study or work overseas as part of their degree. The reason for this is clear – graduates who have studied or worked abroad tend to be culturally aware, able to work in multicultural teams and to move around the world as part of their career.

Gaining international experience while studying can significantly enhance your employability while also being a fantastic, life-changing experience. It’s not simply the experience that is of value, it’s the impact that it has on developing your “global mindset”. This quality is defined as the ability to adjust to different environments and cultures internationally.

As an influential report stated back in 2008,

Graduates who have international experience are highly employable because they have demonstrated that they have drive, resilience and inter-cultural sensitivities, as well as language skills.”  (Global Horizons & the Role of Employers, 2008).

The same report noted differing employer perceptions of “mobile and non-mobile graduates”. “Mobile” graduates with international experience scored more highly in each of following:

  • planning, co-ordinating & organising
  • problem-solving ability
  • analytical competences
  • assertiveness, decisiveness & persistence
  • getting personally involved
  • taking the initiative
  • adaptability
  • professional knowledge of other countries
  • ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds
  • knowledge/understanding of international business
  • foreign language proficiency

The good news is that there are many opportunities to gain the experiences that can help you to develop your global mindset while studying at the University of Glasgow. You will find these on the Go Abroad webpages.

You can also access many international opportunities provided by external agencies.  Make sure that you are signed up for international vacancy alerts on our online vacancy system. Also, remember to check relevant employer web-sites and to attend Careers Fairs and Employer Presentations on campus to find out about international opportunities.

Developing a global mindset is a journey that will enable you to develop your adaptability and resilience. Ultimately it will help you to stand out when applying for graduate jobs. Start your journey today!

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