Intern Insights: Lewis writes his way to a new career


IH Intern and recent graduate, Lewis Barrack is halfway through his internship with Glasgow-based copywriting agency, Copylab.

I’ve just finished my 4th full week of my internship at Copylab in Glasgow, and so far, the experience has been excellent.

Coming in on the first week was a mixture of nerves and excitement; I was moving into an unknown environment, but really looking forward to meeting new people, testing my abilities, and gaining useful experience that can help me going forward.

Any nerves I had quickly dissipated within the first day, as everyone made me feel really welcome and part of the team, and even being so kind as to treat me to a Paesano’s lunch.

But now onto the actual work- Copylab is “the world’s leading investment writing and communications agency”, specialising in fund reporting and market commentary for major asset management firms throughout the world, as well as helping those firms’ creative communications.

With that in mind, the work I’ve been doing since starting the internship has been quite varied, as each client has different requirements. This has allowed me to work on different tasks every day and really improve my overall skillset.

So far, under the guidance of my mentor, I’ve worked on a project to create a white paper for the company, which has entailed creating a survey and contacting market research companies to help with distributing the survey. I’ve written two blogs: a research blog for a client and a blog about my economics degree. I’ve been given training in editing fund reports, and in the last week, I’ve been involved in market commentary – helping to write monthly and quarterly reports for several asset management clients. Finally, I’ve been helping a client simplify the language of its investment product documentation.

Feedback so far for all these tasks has been positive, which has really benefited my work confidence, and my writing and editing skills are already improving. In addition, my understanding of finance and investing, and how best to write about these topics, is developing with each new task I’m given. I’ve also used the theoretical knowledge gained during my degree to complete the work at hand, in fact some of the knowledge has been essential to getting through the first month.

Although it’s been a great experience so far, it has been a bit of a culture shock getting used to the routine of 9-5 every day. When your earliest lecture is usually 10, it takes time to adjust to being in the office by 9 every morning, ready to be productive. But luckily, working in an office with great people around you, who are always willing to help you out, and where you look forward to going into the office every morning, has made this adjustment easy.

So, anyone thinking about applying for an internship, I would highly recommend it. Getting experience in a field that you’re interested in is invaluable and can really help you stand out when applying for jobs after graduation. Or you might be lucky enough to get offered a full-time position once your internship is over.

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