Intern Insight: Nathan introduces Brett Nicholls Associates to the digital age

IH intern, Nathan Stilwell is spending his summer as a Marketing & Digital Content Intern with Brett Nicholls Associates. 

Nathan Stilwell

I’m close to half way through my internship with Brett Nicholls Associates and it’s going great. They are a brilliant and small family accounting company that specialises in the Third Sector. Launching their social media has been fun but difficult. All my previous work experience has been aimed at students and academics, a demographic that does cross over much with charity and small business owners. While it is not easy to drive people to Like, Share and Retweet chartered accountants, their work with charities and social enterprises is a brilliant thing to publicise online and we should be breaking over 100 followers each on Facebook and Twitter by the end of the week.

The daily working life has been a good experience too. After four years of study I am more than happy to get away from lectures and seminars and enter the 9 to 5 world. The workspace is a small office and it’s a tiny but lovely team. One of the great parts of the job is getting out and grabbing content from BNA’s clients; I had no idea about the amount of community and social work that is done in Glasgow. Charities like Bridging the Gap do incredible community work to tackle sectarianism and help asylum seekers and you never hear about it in the West-End bubble. I’m searching for new ways to publicise their work on social media and I will be recommending many of them back to the QMU’s C&C committee and the SRC’s RAG committee.

Overall its has so far been a great working experience. I’m glad I have the chance to experience working life like this. It has helped me learn new skills and point me closer to the direction I want to follow for my career. I would thoroughly recommend BNA and would also greatly encourage students to look towards Glasgow’s third sector.

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