Selling your international experience to employers


If you are an international student studying in Glasgow or a home student who has studied abroad, you will be able to reflect on how gaining an international experience has enabled you to develop in a range of ways. There are so many ways in which gaining this experience is enriching for those who do it.

When we ask returning students to reflect on how the experience changed them, we find that students sometimes find it hard to articulate this to potential employers – either in their home country or elsewhere.

Global employers value the experience and qualities that graduates with international experiences can bring to the workplace. They tell us that these graduates tend to be more culturally diverse, better prepared for global employment and able to demonstrate a wider range of personal qualities then those without this experience.

In addition to cultural awareness and language skills, qualities that you can demonstrate as a result of your international experience may include maturity, resilience, the ability to solve problems and to operate outside your comfort zone, determination & persistence, confidence and adaptability.

In other words, your international perspective can provide some very rich sources of evidence of your employability! You will be able to reflect on the fact you opted to study abroad, the situations you found yourself in and the situations you sought out.

Before expressing this experience in the context of a job application, consider what you learnt:

  • About yourself
  • About other people
  • About the UK / your home country

Hopefully you will find this is a helpful way to build your evidence of how your international experience makes you stand out.

And remember, you can always speak to one of our Careers Managers about this by booking an appointment through Glasgow Careers.

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