Intern insight: Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST)

The IH has been supporting GUEST to recruit paid student interns for a number of years now. This year’s GUEST Coordinators Callum, Lucy and Kate were from a range of year groups across the Colleges of Arts and Social Sciences.

Working for the Glasgow University Environmental Sustainability Team (GUEST) is the best job you could wish for as a student alongside your studies! It is part-time with very flexible hours and most of the work is done on campus. As well as being a student, you become a staff member at the university, and get to work alongside like-minded people on something that you are really passionate about.

As coordinators, we worked closely with the Internship Hub for the recruitment process of promoters. Coordinating a team of eight promoters meant that we independently managed our own budget, ran and facilitated team training and meetings and learnt how to supervise and support the work of others.

coordinators photo 3.png

We have worked on a wide range of projects and campaigns aimed at improving environmental practice across campus and further afield and providing a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable space for the student and local community. As one of our main roles is to influence the University’s policies around sustainability, we worked closely with other governing bodies of the University, such as the Carbon Management Committee, the University Court and the Environmental Sustainability Partnership Board, and were also regularly in contact with local governments and NGOs.

Knowing you are influencing and changing the University’s environmental practice is something really rewarding. Being part of a student-led team and having the ability to see the impact of your work at University is also really exciting. Being a small team also meant that we were all able to contribute our ideas and to really develop our skills in-depth through experiences that we were able to run and conduct ourselves, whether it be coordinating a team, managing a budget, facilitating meetings or writing reports and recommendations for the University governing bodies. Everything we learnt through this internship will be extremely valuable for future career prospects as all these skills are transferable and can be practiced in any workplace or context.

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