Future jobs are here!

The doom mongers amongst us spread fear that all our cAAEAAQAAAAAAAAl8AAAAJGZiN2FhMmEzLTZmMzktNDU2My1iN2Q5LTA5NjdkNmU5OTRiNgurrent jobs are going to disappear as the march of technology and whisper it, ROBOTS TAKE OVER. A more realistic way to look at the future is to work out for ourselves what jobs humans can do that computers can’t.

The show must go on

Robots cannot (yet?) mimic our human dramas and dilemnas. So, film and other kinds of media as well as live drama and stage productions of many sorts will thrive as a more healthy, active and ageing population have more time on its hands. So if drama or any other kind of production is your thing, then the future is yours.

Although travel agents aren’t in such demand due to the internet, we will need space tourist operators! Did you see that they’ll be sending some tourists round the moon in a few years? What about space pilots and space clinicians hel
ping us adjust to the ‘out of this world’ atmosphere. The demand for miners has declined but space exploration means we will need asteroid miners. All you geologists and earth scientists, it seems the sky is not the limit after all!

On yer bike?

Sport, whether for leisure, fitness or competition, is in, and looks like it’s here to stay. More and more of us are engaging in sport in its broadest sense and jobs that go with this trend are wide: coaches and teachers, personal trainers, professional sports men and women; physiotherapists, sports psychologists, nutritionists……there are bound to be some not yet invented.

And unlike robots, we humans, we care!

We are living longer because we are healthier – images.jpgbelieve it or not. We will need more carers of one type or another including occupational  therapists, genetic counsellors, ‘elderly well-being consultants’. Although we are all glued to our tablets and phones, we still ‘need to talk’ sometime: counsellors, advisers and therapists of many existing and new (we haven’t thought of them yet) persuasions will be in heavy usage.


Health is already a huge part of our lives as we live longer and better. Doctors of all specialisms and specialist paramedics such as dieticians who combine a specialist knowledge and expertise base with a ‘therapeutic’ skill will be in demand. Myotherapy and other therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy etc., who will use sophisticated technologies in their jobs are likely to be in demand to treat a population which not only has a wide age range but requires a more personalised brand of treatment. Nurses, of a general and specialist nature are increasingly in demand now and in the future will be even more so. We are facing a critical shortage of nurses today. ‘End of life’ care is already proving to be a headache for health planners. This will only intensify as the elderly population grows.


Future engineers are already here. Exobiologists, Astrobiology-Field-Lab.jpgalso known as astrobiologists deal with the search for extra-terrestrial life and the effects of extra-terrestrial surroundings on living organisms which no longer exist only in Sci-fi films. Biomedical engineers develop innovative biologics, materials, processes, implants, and devices. These innovations are used to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases, to rehabilitate patients, and to improve health. Biomechanical engineers look at how engineering can be applied to the human body. Understanding the mechanics of how we walk and run, sit and stand, and bend and flex is used to design products that feel comfortable, provide safety, and enhance human performance. The search for sustainable forms of energy demands nuclear engineers – fusion is coming – and others such as shale gas engineers, controversial or not. We will need engineers no matter what. Computers will take over the task driven parts of engineering for now. It will be sometime – perhaps never – before they can emulate human capacity for creativity in our quest for health and energy solutions.

The point is. We should not fear the future. The future is here.

And to see what roles are currently been advertised you can check Glasgow Careers.



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