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“Commercial awareness” – What is it and how do you show you have it?

Worried about demonstrating “commercial awareness” at an interview? Most employers want to know that you have “commercial awareness”. Whether you are looking to work for a multinational or a small business, a charity or in the arts, potential employers will all … Continue reading

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What can we learn from Mhairi Black MP?

Mhairi Black has become one of the most talked about and inspirational MPs of our time. She was 20 when she made her Maiden Speech which by the end of the day had 11m online views and was trending in … Continue reading

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Future jobs are here!

The doom mongers amongst us spread fear that all our current jobs are going to disappear as the march of technology and whisper it, ROBOTS TAKE OVER. A more realistic way to look at the future is to work out for ourselves … Continue reading

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