Intern insight: Living and working in America!

IH intern, Craig Rintoul has been interning with JK Environmental in Conshohocken, just outside Philadelphia, for the past two months. Craig will be returning home soon to start his 4th year at UofG studying Chemistry.

Interning with JKE really has been a crash course in environmental engineering and East Coast American geology!

My responsibilities vary from day to day and include both field and office work. JKE provides an extensive range of services to companies in several states, with the majority of clients based in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I have had experience in the field; both installing and testing remediation systems, installing monitoring wells and drilling soil borings. Most of the projects I have had input into are where a chemical contaminant has impacted the soil or groundwater at a site, predominantly petrol stations and other industrial sites. JKE provides a means to identify contamination and remediate the problem, all while working with the environmental protection agencies in each state to keep them informed of the situation.

Craig Rintoul Collage

This has been my first experience working in an office environment, one which is constantly growing and developing, as evidenced by JKE’s inclusion in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s list of 50 fastest growing companies in the city – “50 on Fire in Philly”.

My employer here has been very understanding of how challenging moving to a new country can be and I feel I’ve adapted to the life style here well. Outside of work I’ve managed to continue playing rugby with a local outfit and have had weekends to explore the Greater Philadelphia area and its nightlife.

It has been great to experience what working and living in America is like and I have found a field which balances office and field work perfectly – I can still get my hands dirty!

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