What really gets you hired?

Graduates have always hoped that their degree in itself would be a passport to a top job and to career advancement but, as everyone knows, qualifications are only part of the picture. I have recently attended a number of  conferences and events that focussed on employability and all the speakers in the field have a … Continue reading What really gets you hired?


Establishing Yourself in Your First Job

Lucy Molloy is a UofG politics grad who is now on the Rocket Fuel Sales Graduate Scheme. She reflects on her experience and how you can make the best start possible in your first role. Like most of you who are reading this, the job I currently have was not my first and certainly won’t be my last! It is, … Continue reading Establishing Yourself in Your First Job

Intern Insight: Marketing, Apps and Ping-Pong!

IH intern, Augustijn van Gaalen has been able to combine his love of social media, sport and Ping-Pong in his internship with Glasgow-based start-up, Find a Player.  I’m currently a month into my internship with Find a Player. It’s been really interesting so far and I’d definitely recommend an internship to all students and even those … Continue reading Intern Insight: Marketing, Apps and Ping-Pong!