‘Snap up’ for a job in marketing

Mary Daily, University of Glasgow arts graduate, Mary.jpghas one of the coolest job titles around, President and Chief Marketing Officer for 20th Century Fox. She dropped by last week from LA to give a masterclass to our Media Management students.

During her talk she introduced us to the term ‘snap up’: using techniques to get your audience to pay attention in a crowded market place. For example, using music, effects and sound design in  TV advertising to get people to look up at the big screen and away from their secondary devices.

Want to ‘snap up’ potential employers? Here are some insights from Mary and how this could help you when preparing for interview for marketing jobs.

Digital is revolutionising business models

“Uber are a taxi company without any cars , Airbnb is a holiday rental business with no apartments or hotels and Facebook is a content app that doesn’t produce any content.  Technology and in particular Apps, put the consumer in charge like never before with direct access to goods and service”

Future employers will be looking for you to have a sound understanding of digital platforms and the opportunities these offer for marketers. Have a look at what they are already doing on social media and on the web and be prepared to comment on this.

The consumer is king

“We are moving towards a more direct relationship with the consumer.  In a world where consumers are time strapped like never before curation is going to be key”

Do your homework! Showing you have an understanding of their main target audience will impress and show you have researched what the company stands for.

Innovation and shift thinking

“We have to look beyond today and consider what the behaviours and delivery platforms of tomorrow will be e.g. Self-driving cars provide an opportunity. People will want entertainment on long journeys or on their way to work”

Come prepared with ideas. Marketing positions involve creativity and employers will be looking for candidates that can help their organisation evolve.
Thank you Mary for this amazing insight!

To get more expert advice from alumni, you can sign up to The Network, our exclusive networking platform for graduates and students.



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