Words of wisdom from First Tuesday Club

So here’s how it works… you get the Careers Service What’s On email in your inbox telling you about some event… you might be interest but you’re too busy to read more about it.  Next, you’re in the library and you see a poster for the same event…your memory is jogged. Then you’re having lunch and a tweet comes through about the event, one of your friends ♥ it…you click the link. Then you sign up to come along. Excellent choice.

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So for those students who came along to the Careers Service First Tuesday Club events, thank-you. And to those students who didn’t, here’s a peak at what you missed with some words of wisdom from our guests. Maybe next time you’ll be first in line…



“It’s not about what you have; it’s about what you do with what you have!” 

Judy Murray.




The power house of tennis and the busiest woman in Scotland, Judy Murray visited us to share stories about coaching some of the best tennis players in the world. One of our favourite anecdotes involved Jamie Murray, Judy knew that Jamie was a very gifted tennis player, but his game was much more suited to doubles rather than singles.  Judy tried to think of a way to convince Jamie that focusing on his doubles game was the way to go, so she resourcefully created a power point presentation listing the earnings of the world’s top doubles players, apparently Jamie was blown away and realised that it wasn’t only singles players who could make a career out of the game. With 15 titles to his name and winnings of over £2 Million, the rest as they say, is history. See full highlights here.

Our next event saw Football fans and law students treated to a visit from 3 of the UK’s largest football club representatives. Directors from Celtic, Everton and Manchester United joined us at a fascinating Q&A in the University Chapel. Speaking about Gareth Bale’s world record transfer, to the ongoing reality of UEFA appeals, the club representatives certainly gave our audience a glimpse of what life is like inside the largest football clubs in the world.football

“Have confidence that you are good at what you do.”

Patrick Stewart Manchester United FC  (Director of Legal & Business Affairs)


Santa wasn’t the only exciting guest in Glasgow during December, here at the Careers Service we experience the Calman effect as award winning comic Susan Calman popped into the QMU to give students some tips on how to write and succeed in comedy. Her hilarious and at times touching account of her rise to fame delighted the packed audience.  With tips on how to put down hecklers to describing how she manged to walk away from a £70,000 salary as a lawyer to chase her dream, Susan Calman was the perfect guest –charming and wickedly funny. See full highlights here.


“I’m the most risk-adverse person, but I decided to hand in my notice. My income dropped massively, but sense of freedom was huge.”

Susan Calman


Ever aware that keeping things fresh means changing formats; we decided to take students on a little day trip to STV studios for the next First Tuesday Club. 16 lucky students managed to secure a spot on the coveted bus trip to gain behind the scenes access to STV’s newsroom, gallery and studios.


Students gain access to STVs studios and gallery.

This was a fantastic opportunity for the media savvy bunch to network with our tour guide, who gave some brilliant tips on how to break into the television industry- including emails for all the best contacts! Students also had the chance to pitch ideas and questions to STV’s very own anchor man, John MacKay, who shared some fascinating stories about his time in front and behind the camera covering the Referendum.

Our final First Tuesday Club guest for this year was Dr Liberty Vittert who shared stories of her work with the board of USA for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  Students listened attentively as Dr Vittert spoke of her work within the refugee camps and her recent focus on how facial shape analysis can help children who have been harmed through warfare. Questions from the audience were plenty and the event could have ran on for most of the afternoon as students were visually moved and inspired by Dr Vittert’s approach to tackling the very real refugee crisis. See full highlights here. liberty 1


“Get involved. NOW. Nothing happens if you wait.”

Dr Liberty Vittert

We concur.


liberty 2

So on that note, here at the Careers Service we’d love you to get involved with the First Tuesday Club, it’s a cracking series of events. Be motivated, laugh, learn, but most of all liven up your lunch hour and be first in line to book your seat at the First Tuesday Club.

Keep an eye on the Careers Service What’s On email and follow  us: @GUCareers or on Facebook.

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