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You need to have a Computing or Software Engineering degree to get a decent IT job. Don’t you?

Just the other day I read: “Scottish Government to help tackle ‘unprecedented’ cyber crime rise.” I couldn’t help thinking that the Government’s aim will be hard to achieve, given the IT skills shortage in the labour market at the moment – … Continue reading

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Why you don’t need to write a CV (yet)

It’s difficult to know where it came from: Was it that innocuous comment from a family relative? Was it hearing friends talking about applying for roles and deadlines coming up? Or was it that comment you overheard about someone who … Continue reading

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5 reasons to join The Network

You might have heard about The Network…. “The Network is our exclusive online platform that brings together the collective voice of our alumni community to support current students to realise their career potential through networking, mentoring and the reinforcement of … Continue reading

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