Intern Insights… into Tuesday Top Tips 

For this week’s Tuesday Top Tip, we’re handing the reins over to Hannah Henderson, a fourth year student studying Politics. Hannah is currently undertaking a paid on-campus pacific profile pictureinternship with the College of Social Science Employability team as their Social Media Intern.

Here are her Top Five Tips on applying for internships (and jobs). Thanks Hannah!

Think it through

When starting to apply for internships or jobs, it can seem rather overwhelming, especially on top of university work, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs and social life. Don’t go in with the mind set of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’, have a good idea of areas you would like to go into and be open to various roles within that area.

Give it time

Try to mark off an hour or two every day to dedicate to job hunting and filling out applications. Be warned – they do take a while! Make sure you get someone to proof read applications too before you send them off – you don’t want that dream job to disappear because of a spelling error! The same goes for your CV – The Careers service provide daily drop in appointments which can be really useful to rearrange content and layout.

Be positive, and stay positive!

Speaking of dream jobs, aim high, think positive, but don’t get too hung up on one opportunity in particular (speaking from experience) it can be a mental set back when you are ferociously scouring your inbox everyday looking for that offer that just isn’t coming.

Get involved

At first, I was not sure on how to articulate the things I had achieved and experienced, by participating in programs such as The Graduate Skills Programme, you can learn how to write well about all that good stuff you want to get across to your potential future employer!

Be organised

Lastly, be organised, doing all of the above is easier said than done, mark all of the application deadlines in a calendar and try to have them in before the closing date, many companies run on a first come first served basis!

If Hannah’s post has got you motivated to apply for an internship, you can view all of the current opportunities with Club 21 here.

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